First Draft

Telling the world I was writing a novel kept me on track until I finished my rough draft. I may have written 100,000 words, but that was an accomplishment, not a novel. Ray Bradbury said I should be the most sublime fool God ever turned out and sent rambling. No problem. I had the fool part covered, and rambling is a first draft good thing.

About A Novel Existence

About A Novel Existence

Teri Howatt

A Novel Existence is about my journey from avid reader to compulsive writer who now reads with a fresh perspective. “Wow!” and “You’d never get away with that in my critique group.”

I live near the amazing indie bookstore Third Place Books. The adjacent, nonprofit Third Place Commons space is my writing home away from home where I’m fueled by Honey Bear Bakery’s abundant caffeine, hearty soups, sandwiches and chocolate croissants. My critique group meets in the Commons every week.

My first book is set in Seattle and Baker, Oregon. When I was in the fourth grade I traveled to Oregon to visit family and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. It was summer, and my cousins apologized for the rain, but I wanted to stay in Portland forever. Photo of FlashWhen my family moved to Oregon, I went to the U of O in Eugene.

Now I live near Seattle with my husband and Flash, the seven year old Aussie rescue who found us! He divides his time between our house and our daughter’s place.